Who We Are?

Inovenso has been a leader of the electrospinning market since 2010 with more than 250 references of the most renowned universities and R&D companies, and has become a laboratory equipment manufacturer focused on SEMs, Electrospinning devices, Syringe pumps and Spin-coaters.

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What We Do?

Inovenso produces the world’s fastest table-top SEMs with high quality components and user friendly interface for advanced researches in different areas such as electronics, chemistry, materials science, biology, medicine, mining and others…

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Our vision

In Inovenso, we are committed to be the most creative and innovative company in our business field. As most of our customers are researchers, our main aim is to enable them to do researches in the most comfortable conditions through our advanced technology and the expertise of our engineers

about us


Our products are developed by a qualified, skilled and experienced R&D department, and the quality of our tabletop scanning electron microscopes and other devices is recognized by our proud customers.


Inovenso is committed to providing strong service quality to its customers and endeavor every day to offer top-quality, reliable and innovative solutions. Our dedication to listen and our speed of response enable us to build strong and close relationships with our customers.


Because we know that quality is not the only key to our customers’ satisfaction, Inovenso offers good quality devices at reasonable prices.