Inovenso is a worldwide laboratory equipments manufacturer that provides high quality and user-friendly devices for nanofiber based researches. Our headquarter is in Istanbul, and we operate in the North American market from our branch office in Boston under the name of Inovenso USA.

Our work,” Synthesizing of Nanofiber Via Electrospinning Method” started and ongoing under the structure of Nano Fiber Membrane Group (NanoFMG) in consultation for nearly 9 years. We continue our activities under our commercial structure: INOVENSO Co. INOVENSO’s main aim is to become a bridge between academy and industry. We maintain our R&D activities with help of the links established with academy.

Semoscope Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscopes are the size of an old computer, they don’t require any maintenance, are easily installed and are able to speed up the researches in the field of nanotechnology. It enables researchers to take high quality images at a very high magnification in less than 5 minutes.

Inovenso offers 4 models:

IEM 10: A benchtop SEM with BE detector and a magnification up to x100 000.

IEM 11: A benchtop SEM with BE and BSE detectors and a magnification up to x150 000.

IEM 10+: A benchtop SEM with BE and EDS (X-ray) detectors and a magnification up to x100 000.

IEM 11+: A benchtop SEM with BE, BSE and EDS (X-ray) detectors and a magnification up to x150 000.

Our Mission

  1. Our customers

    Dedication to listen and understand are critical in Inovenso’s policies to satisfy customers, and to offer innovative. Our lasting and strong relations and the trust of our customers and partners enable us to respond and collaborate fast and efficiently.

  2. Our commitments

    Inovenso’s activities always take into consideration all the key factors that grants the delivery of innovative technology to ensure efficiency and match customer needs.

  3. Our people

    We believe in our skillful and experienced team and each of us does what it takes to drive growth and innovation,

  4. Quality

    Quality is the essence of our business and is the key to satisfying our customers. Each of our departments understands and respects our commitment to delivering the best quality in terms of services and goods

Our Vision

In Inovenso, we are committed to be the most creative and innovative company in our business field. As most of our customers are researchers, our main aim is to enable them to do researches in the most comfortable conditions through our advanced technology and the expertise of our engineers.

16Professional Staff
9Years of Experience


Inovenso is committed to providing strong service quality to its customers and endeavor every day to offer top-quality, reliable and innovative solutions. Our dedication to listen and our speed of response enable us to build strong and close relationships with our customers.


Our products are developed by a qualified, skilled and experienced R&D department, and the quality of our syringe pumps and other devices is recognized by our proud customers.


Because we know that quality is not the only key to our customers’ satisfaction, Inovenso offers good quality devices at reasonable prices.

MilestonesBrief History of Our Company

March, 2015

March, 2007

Research group of Inovenso, under the name of NANO-FMG has manufactured first lab-scale electrospinning unit in Istanbul Technical University.

February, 2015

February, 2008

Research group of Nano FMG has manufactured the first industrial scale machines

March, 2015

March, 2010

Inovenso Technology Co. was established in ITU Technology Development Center in Istanbul

March, 2010

September, 2014

Inovenso Co. attended to the “3rd International Conference on Electrospinning” in San Francisco CA. as a Gold Sponsorship

March, 2015

Inovenso Co. Increased its range of products to: Syringe Pumps and Spin Coaters.

January, 2016

More than 200 references all over the world recorded

March, 2017

Inovenso started manufacturing Scanning Electron Microscopes and launched 4 different models: IEM 10, IEM 11, IEM 10+, IEM 11+.