During SEM analysis, the specimen is irradiated with an electron beam and that causes accumulation of electric charges on the surface of the specimen and the quality of images is decreasing, thus in order to obtain a high quality images of non-conductive samples via SEM, it is necessary to create a conductive layer on the surface. The conductive coating prevents the sample from the surface charge and provides a ground‐potential surface, so that electric fields outside the sample are eliminated.

To prevent charge accumulation on the surface of non-conducting specimen, ultra-thin coating of electrically-conducting metal – such as gold (Au), gold/palladium (Au/Pd), platinum (Pt), silver (Ag), chromium (Cr) or iridium (Ir) is necessary. This process is known as Ion-Sputter Coating. Inovenso ION COATER is suitable to use with all SEMoscope Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope models.




Power Consumption AC100V – 240V(50/60HZ), 500W (Rotary Included)
Target AU& PT (Guarantee)
Target Size 50mm
Rotary Pump 50L/min (60Hz), AC220V, 150W, 14,5 kg
Diameter Of Target 50,8 mm
Ionization Current 0~9mA
Operating Vacuum About 0,1 Torr
Maximum Ion Voltage ~ 1 KV
Chamber Size 100mm [Dia]
Dimension 420(W)*220(D)*230(H)mm