IEM10 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

SEMoscope IEM 10 Benchtop SEM: is a portable Scanning Electron Microscope, ideal to observe the depth with a magnification up to x100 000. It has the feature of SE detector, which enables you to shoot high quality images in less than 4 minutes.



  • Magnifcation Up To x 100,000
  • Auto Stage : X, Y, T Axis
  • Click & Move Stage Control
  • Auto Function : Filament Memory, Focus, Contrast, Brightness
  • High Defnition Image : 5120 X 3840 Pixel




Magnifcation x20 ~ x100,000 (Efficient: ~x50,000)
Acc Voltage 1 ~ 30 kV (1kV increments)
Electron Gun Tungsten Filament (W)
Detector SE Detector
Stage Auto Stage (X: 35mm,Y: 35mm,T: 0 to 45o )

Manual Stage (Z: 5 to 50mm)

Image Shift :X, Y, R(Rotation)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Dimensions 400(W) x 600(L) x 550(H) mm
Weight 85Kg
  1. 1
    Stage Position

        Users can easily locate the sample on the stage

  2. 2
    Auto Focus & Fine Focus

       Auto focus function makes the operation easier and clearer images can be obtained even at the higher magnifcations

  3. 3
    Click & Move

       By applying the auto stage, stage is controlled simply with a mouse click

  4. 4
    Filament Memory

       Filament’s saturation point is automatically stored and activated