Masaüstü SEM

SEMoscope IEM 11 Desktop SEM: The world’s fastest Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope . This device is an ideal substitute of traditional SEMs, with its high magnification: up to x 150 000 and its SE and BSE detectors which will enable you to conduct analyses up to a nanoscale in a very short space of time.



  • High Quality Images (5nm resolution)
  • Magnifcation Up To x 150000
  • Easy Navigation with the “Navigation Mode”
  • Precise Control with a Joystick and the “Driving Mode”
  • Combined SE and BSE Images
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Intuitive User Interface




Magnifcation x20 ~ x100,000 (Efficient: ~x80,000)
Acc Voltage 1 ~ 30 kV (1kV increments)
Electron Gun Tungsten Filament (W)
Detector SE and BSE Detectors
Stage Auto Stage (X: 35mm,Y: 35mm,T: 0 to 45o )

Manual Stage (Z: 5 to 50mm)

Image Shift :X, Y, R(Rotation)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Dimensions 400(W) x 600(L) x 550(H) mm
Weight 85Kg
  1. 1
    Removable BSE Detector

  2. 2
    Low Voltage Analysis

  3. 3
    Driving Mode

  4. 4
    Highest Resolution